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The founders wanted to launch a brand for dietary supplements focusing on individuals throughout the fitness cycle, from beginners to athletes. While looking for the best creative agency in Delhi, they contacted us. The brand development and packaging done for Stack was much appreciated by all and gave Stack a unique positioning in the market.
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  • Stack Nutrition
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  • “Vikram and Vaibhav had this idea of introducing a fitness brand that will attract people from various stages of the fitness cycle, from beginners to pros with multiple products. We wanted to create a contemporary identity for the brand that was on par with the international players in the market.”
  • What we did
  • We created a brand that is contemporary and diverse. A brand that would appeal to all individuals from a professional to a person who has just started his/her fitness journey. We wanted to position the brand with a high-end and international image in the market. The brand was developed and designed in such a way that it was at par with the top international brands.

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With multiple players in the market for dietary supplements, we wanted to create a brand that would appeal to various groups and people on all levels of the fitness lifecycle.

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