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Light Doctor is a novel concept put together to help homeowners find the perfect lighting solution for their homes. The brand approached Apppl Combine, as a website development agency to get a website in place. It was then that we realized that the brand personality lacked the character and positioning the brand was aiming at. Even the collaterals were not in sync with each other and neither was the brand persona. Our experience as a creative and branding agency helped us in creating a brand, which was relatable and demonstrated its essence and purpose.
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  • When the brand approached APPPL Combine, we analysed and realized that the old identity wasn’t allowing the brand to get an aspirational image. We wanted to give the brand a premium and contemporary look, keeping intact the spirit of the brand.
  • Project Brief
  • We were given no brief as they approached us for website development. We found the need to revamp the brand and wanted to give it a unique identity
Project skills & expertise

It was quite interesting and challenging to manage projects of various profiles at the same time under the same umbrella brand. We were successful in giving the brand a much-needed repositioning which saw them as an aspirational and high-end brand in the market.

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The brand already had a unique position in the market. We just gave the brand a contemporary look and an aspirational aspect.

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