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Marketing Solutions, not just a great design

Since our foundation in 1998, our goal has been to co-create success through experiential engagement between the client and us.

We believe, Creative, Designs, Online and Films are the end results of a Marketing Strategy. It's way beyond the good-looking pieces of work. Having just a nice creative doesn't work for your brand. And if it's not working for the brand then it’s going against it as the market and competition don't give you many chances. Let's go and grow beyond these shortcuts. Let’s find purpose, meaning and result for what we do. Let’s invest time, energy and resources to custom create the solutions for your brand, which are unique, effective and result oriented. After all, there is something called ROI (return on investment).

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01. Discussion The very first interaction we have is usually the most important. So, when you call us, we make sure to understand as much as possible to have a more constructive first meeting or briefing session. A dialogue that allows free flow of information, clear briefing and understanding and most importantly, an opportunity to have a collaborative brainstorming is what we seek and offer.
Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands

For nearly two decades, we have partnered and worked with brands across industries and continents. The rich repertoire of experience, learnings and partnerships give us an edge. It also makes us particularly deserving as well as suitably confident of being the right custodian of the best interest of your brand.

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02. Research A methodical and comprehensive research yields great results. We conduct secondary and sometimes primary research to understand your brand and its strengths thoroughly. This research is critical to the strategy we devise and also forms the basis of the periodic evaluation of results.
Digging deep to get the freshest

There will be a lot of questions that we’ll ask. These questions will seek in-depth knowledge about the brand, its challenges and objectives. The questions will come in form of questionnaires or the one-on-one sessions. We encourage our clients to be as transparent and as forthcoming as possible. After all, we do act a little like a brand’s doctor!

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03. Market Analysis Understanding the dynamics of the market is essential to define an adequate business strategy. We undertake documented analysis of market information, market segmentation, market trends and the SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) Analysis.
Making Opportunity Knock

The insight gained via the market research provides crucial support to decision making. It helps to structure, modify or mold the strategy best suited for maximum gain, putting the brand in the most advantageous spot.

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04. Strategy For us, the strategy is the most vital step of the entire brand communication. Everything we do is based on the strategy which is painstakingly put together after several rounds of research, brainstorming and critical thinking. At its most basic level, strategic marketing addresses three deceptively simple questions: (1) Where are we now? (2) Where are we going? and (3) How are we going to get there?
The Takeaway

The marketing strategy plan provides an outline of the specific actions to be taken over time to achieve the brand objectives and goals.Which is why the biggest takeaway of a fabulous strategy is a sustainable competitive advantage.

Plan, Implement and Prepare
05. The Sequence We work systematically. Nothing is randomly done or in haste. We take careful consideration while planning and extra care while preparing.
But Why

Our clients are important to us. And, although we understand the excitement of just unleashing the marketing promotions, nothing could be more damaging in the long run. Good things take time and then they last longer!

Implement and Monitor
06. The Reason We do a thorough evaluation and monitoring after a detailed and flawless implementation. In fact, conducting periodic monitoring of all the steps help us optimize the resources available and design a more potent strategy for the future.
We believe in growth

Although internal monitoring is a continuous process, for larger campaigns, we do a quarterly monitoring and evaluation. Reports are shared and pondered over and their analysis is used to further calibrate efforts.

Review and Rework
07. The Penultimate Step All the hard work boils down to the effect it has had. A careful review of the results of the marketing communication strategy inforce and its implementation helps in proper assessment.
Work Reworked

With the invaluable arsenal of inferences drawn by virtue of review and analysis, we step into yet another arena of wondrous innovations and compelling strategically designed marketing communication solutions.

We Believe
Managing Director - Kumar Ranjan

Marketing is everything, products are woven around it.

- K.Ranjan
Business Director - Rashi Das

If you can't tell a story, you can't sell a thing.

- Rashi Das
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