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The launch of Nike Air in India was a herculean task. In the absence of a TVC (custom produced for the Indian market) and aggravated by lack of a robust media budget, pushing the brand’s flagship product for the first time in India had become a difficult task. A pair of sports shoes priced in the range of INR 5-8 thousand in early 2000 was kind of little unheard-of for most of the Indians and this became our biggest challenge. Though the brand did not expect the sky from the Air series, the buzz created around the Air series worked well for lesser priced pairs.

  • Advertising
Uplifting the perception of a pair of well designed high technology sports shoes, especially in a market where shoes usually attract least attention and price, was a different ball game

When Nike chose us as their ad agency we pledged to deliver our best. Our integrated campaign was aimed to be even more effective than a TVC. Instead of adapting the international ad with Indian retail store addresses, we convinced the management to custom-create ads for the Indian consumers to connect better. We took up the challenge and started working on a “we all have certain air” campaign. It was the first ever ad campaign to be developed for Indian market and taste. Nothing was conventional about this ad creative either, as we showed the shoe from behind, rising in the ‘Air’, accentuated by the unique headline. We splashed half and full page ads all across India through leading publications. These ads created quite a buzz in the market.

We were just starting as a creative agency in Delhi when we created a clever alternative of TVCs by branding hot and trendy shows on MTV with Nike Air. Since these shows had a huge following among the youth, this campaign caught the right eyeballs. Nike Air started trending in the market. For more exposure, we did some open-air road shows hosted by famous VJs in the metros. Lead by famous VJ Nikhil Chinnapa, we hosted few ‘walk and talk’ in and around posh malls and markets, interacting with his fan base. We also got people flaunting Nike Air shoes and apparel giving it the required attention. While all this caught on, we started sponsoring exclusive TV shows and printed major articles in print for Nike Air. Nike Air also co-hosted multiple sporting events, earning itself fame by branding many upcoming tennis players and raising awareness about them on the front page of daily supplements like Delhi Times, etc. The results of this campaign were outstanding, thanks to correct sequencing and an intelligent use of all the mediums in the most interactive way.

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