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Project Overview

India’s 1st One Stop Shop for all building products at wholesale price needed to enter the market with a strong, reputable and reliable brand persona that would create an everlasting impact in the minds of the consumer, therefore, Apppl Combine, as their Marketing & Creative Agency, strategized and developed this brand and made it market-ready.

Client Hippo Stores
Industry Retail & Etail
Services Products & Services

The concept of Hippo Stores was the first of its kind in the Indian Market. While the respective industry is highly unorganized and fragmented, people have to deal with inconvenience, fake products and more,  Hippo Stores wanted to create a brand that would offer a seamless and smooth buying experience of genuine building products at wholesale price, all under one roof.

Hippo Store Catalogue Design By AppplCombine

To start with, our team only had an under-developed and complex brand concept of the then under-construction retail store, a brand name and brand logo and all of these were to be further shaped into a comprehensive and appealing brand.

hippo sketch logo
Hippo Store Banner Apppl Combine

Apppl Combine defined the brand’s target audience into 3 segments- Resellers, Contractors and Individual Home Buyer and addressed their pain points separately, placing Hippo Stores as the go-to solution provider for all. 

The next step was to develop the various brand personality assets which included the tagline, sign-off line and the brand jingle for further familiarity of the brand.

Hippo Tagline AppplCombine


Prior to the brand launch, our agency also worked on various story-telling visuals to capture the audience’s attention and bring them closer to the brand increasing their affinity towards Hippo Stores. These included simple, impactful yet comprehensive & focused content development in English as well as Hindi to cater to both sides of the literacy spectrum amongst the target audience.

Hippo Store PosterDesign By AppplCombine
Hippo Store Bus Stand Design By AppplCombine

The brand launch had multiple facets. The first part was to develop the humongous 50000 sqft megastore that was in line with the brand design and language. 

Hippo Store Front By AppplCombine
Hippo Store CustomerHelp Desk AppplCombine
Hippo Store Inside DesignBy AppplCombine

The second facet was to launch the various integrated marketing campaigns that would not only take the market by a storm but also resonate with the target audience the way we wanted. Various mediums for the launch included Print Ads, Digital Films, Outdoor Advertising & FM which created the required pull, hype and awareness towards the brand.

Hippo Store Newspaper Ad By AppplCombine
Hippo Store Poster Design By AppplCombine
Hippo Stores Magazine AppplCombine
Hippo Store Full Page Newspaper Ad4 By AppplCombine
Hippo Store Full Page Newspaper Ad By Apppl Combine
Hippo Store Full Page Newspaper Ad 3By AppplCombine

Our digital films crossed the benchmark with their engagement and traffic numbers. Simple story-telling, slice of life scenarios, addressing challenges with a touch of humour and ending on a note that places Hippo Stores in the TOPM of the customers did the work.

An effective and strong branding and marketing strategy helped establish Hippo Stores as the new age one stop shop for building products wholesale, successfully.

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