Frequently Asked Questions

We help employers and candidates find the right fit

We always go the additional mile for our clients which makes us stand out. We don't merely post job descriptions and then contact potential applicants. We get an idea about your needs.
We act as a connection between employers and applicants and find someone who will be a good addition to your team. This is backed by our comprehensive research and recruiting process, as well as our onboarding assistance and evaluation process, all of which are designed to provide a high-quality service.

When you are shortlisting candidates, it is crucial to do reference checks. This allows you to get detailed information about candidates from those who have seen their performance. Our agency's recruiters are very competent in the practice of doing in-depth reference and rigorous background checks by talking with ex-employers of the candidate on your behalf, giving you extra assurance and trust in applicants we provided.

We have a recruiting team that handles job postings, reviews applicants, assesses fit and supervises the interview. In some stages, you may have to go through multiple procedures to be shortlisted. You should be prepared to offer samples of your work and interest areas to help us understand who you are outside of your resume.

The key terms in your bio could refer to the academic credentials that you hold, the skills you already possess, your past roles, or the job designations that you are looking for. In addition, you can give the name of the city, the current company, or something similar.

Yes, of course. Where you want to apply is completely up to you. Whichever field you choose, we will help you find relevant job opportunities for the same.

Yes. We only gather information for explicit and appropriate uses. This implies that we will only ask for information that is directly relevant to the position being filled. We will never sell or give away any information we gather, and if we ever need to handle sensitive data like medical history or a criminal record check, we will get your permission first.

We help hundreds of staffing agencies around the country find quality people to fill temporary and permanent openings. At StafinGo, we will match your professional goals, personality, and job experience with the employment requirements of our clients. If you're the ideal fit, you will be allowed to interview with our team and then our employer client, or both, depending on the situation.

We put in a lot of time and effort to learn about your company's operations, culture, and goals via our collaborative, outcome-focused intake process. We study your supply chain system and job requirements thoroughly to provide a detailed profile of the ideal applicant.

Once your profile is complete and your application is submitted, our team will have access to your details. They will evaluate your experience and qualifications. Should you be chosen for an interview, a member of our team will be in touch with you to determine whether you are qualified for the job you have applied for. Even if you aren't selected at this time, we will keep your application on record in case other openings become available.

Recruitment refers to searching for qualified and well-experienced candidates for specific positions and job openings. It also includes urging them to apply. Whereas, staffing pertains to the entire process of approaching, interviewing, onboarding, training, and retaining the recruits in an organization.