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Campaigns are a structured way of thinking about any company initiative. A campaign is not defined by any one specific activity, but rather by the larger goals to be achieved and the plan linking each activity to those goals.

Integrated Campaigns

An integrated marketing campaign combines all mediums to have a coherent and flawless flow of marketing and communication. Mediums like print/broadcast advertising, public relations, direct marketing, emails, digital and in-store promotions etc., are used to ensure that the marketing message is consistently received by the greatest possible number of people in the target market. An integrated campaign gives you a competitive advantage and greater visibility. We have an expertise in not only mixing these mediums but also in infusing unconventional and innovative mediums for maximum impact.

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TV Campaigns

The TV advertisement is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format. It creates, builds and grows brands. It not only has a massive reach but also acts as a catalyst for other media. It keeps brands alive in your minds for long and usually adds to a brands fame. TV campaigns have time and again proved to have struck a chord with the target group. They have proven their ability to emotionally and rationally connect with the audience through premium, high-quality audio-visual content.

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Print Campaigns

The print campaign is an integral part of the marketing mix and today more than ever, print seems to be a big opportunity. Although new technology has developed more channels to promote brands digitally, print marketing will never go out of circulation, as a large percentage of people trust adverts that are in newspapers/magazines since they are more tangible. We have been conceiving and designing print campaigns which are relatable, create a high brand recall and act as a clutter breaker. Our campaigns grab attention, are engaging and informative and impart a strong credibility to the brand.

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